Corporate Profile
ITTP PRODUCTS LTD is a premium quality promotional and packaging company, providing customized sourcing and supplying of all items related to corporate branding and promotions. For over 10 years we have successfully provided products to our satisfied customers, ensuring that the represented brand is clearly and positively established and maintained.

This has been accomplished through strategic alignment with both local and foreign expert suppliers. Through research and meticulous selection, we succeed in providing our clients with creative products that are tailored for their unique specifications. ITTP PRODUCTS LTD prides itself with keeping abreast of new products on the market; ensuring that our clients always get fresh and innovative options.

Our Mission, Vision & Values
ITTP PRODUCTS LTD. is dedicated to being an exemplary provider of exceptional customer service in the Premium Quality Promotions and Packaging Material Business. ITTP PRODUCTS goal is to be recognized as Trinidad and Tobago's leading provider of fresh and innovative premium quality promotional products, exceeding the expectations of our clients through exceptional service, excellent products and uncompromising integrity. We also aim to provide the opportunity to revolutionize the way in which our products are marketed, established and purchased by our local clientele, through the use of our website

ITTP PRODUCTS LTD. is dedicated to providing products and services in keeping with our client's requirements and upholds its tenet that "Premium Quality Promotions and Packaging Materials is our business."

Our Team
ITTP PRODUCTS LTD consists of a highly creative, motivated and committed team.

Key Personnel

Managing Director
Mr. Michael Mohammed
Mr. Mohammed is the Managing Director of the company with over twenty (20) years experience in Sales and Marketing Promotions. From 1980 to present day, he has been able to develop his skills in the industry achieving a level of service that assures success as an entrepreneur. The company's continued growth and development rests securely on his shoulders, and his personal drive and ambition to succeed has thus far been rewarded by the business' growth.

Mrs. Kathleen Stroud Mohammed
While not involved in the day to day operations of the company, as an Organizational Development Consultant, Kathleen brings a wealth of experience working with different organizations. She is passionate about service both to our customers and to the society as a whole.